Health and Happiness at the Color Run

Over the weekend our tech team took to the streets of Shanghai for the city’s annual Color Run.

Since 2011, Color Run international has been gracing cities throughout the world with its high energy, color-tastic 5K marathons! The original race was founded on two great pillars: health and happiness.

The NOERDEN Team at the Color Run in Shanghai

The Color Run brings together fitness and the joy of living with a fun-packed running course.

Oh and of course, lots of colorful powder dye!

Complete with a foam machine and an inflatable unicorn themed finish line, the Color Run reminds all its participants that health doesn’t always need to be “hardcore”!

The Color Run promotes healthy living and active lifestyles by encouraging first-time marathon runners to sign up to join the fun without the fear of competing in a pro-athlete level race. 

By showing working out’s “softer side”, the Color Run helps transform people’s negative perceptions of exercising into positive, colorful memories.

So then everyone can gain the comfortability to start manifesting their own fitness dreams! 

the tech team participates in the health and fitness Color Run in Shanghai 2018
Team member wearing NOERDEN smart watch LIFE

You see, regular exercise (which can be in the form of high-intensity sports like football or basketball to low-intensity workouts like yoga and pilates) reduces stress, curbs anxiety, and has been known to cure depression!

That’s because regular exercise increases the endorphins in your brain, triggering increased levels of satisfaction long after the sweat dries!

For that reason, health isn’t only about stats like weight and calories, it’s also about creating happiness.

Numerous studies have found that people who exercise even for only 15 minuets a few times a week report significantly higher levels of happiness in their lives.

At NOERDEN, we are true believers in the strong correlation between health and happiness!

That’s why we create smart tech health products that can fit seamlessly and stylishly into people’s lives!

We design our smart tech products with heath and happiness at their core. We want all our customers to be able to track their fitness, sleep, UV levels and other health data conveniently with our NOERDEN App.

That way anyone can reach their health and fitness goals with ease!

It was great to share our love for health and happiness with the Color Run in Shanghai last weekend. Our team had a great time running the marathon. They finished the race drenched in colorful powder and harboring huge smiles!

Remember, a healthy body makes a happy mind!