People Profile: Alex

As a startup, individual team members make huge contributions to our brand and products. Simply put, our people play unique and important roles in our growth and more importantly, who we are as NOERDEN!

For People Profiles, each month you’ll get to connect with our team by taking an inside look at our talent, triumphs and silly tales! Because every successful startup journey centers around having an amazing team!

Name: Alex

Age: 23

Position: Digital Manager (Alex is doing a summer internship with us to create our new E-commerce website!)

Which languages do you speak?

“French, English and Danish” fluently. He’s also learning Chinese.

What first interested you in interning at NOERDEN?

“The fact that it’s a young brand that captures the healthy lifestyle that our upcoming generation wishes to incorporate in their life”

& why does that appeal to you?

He pauses “because I believe now-a-days its all about materialism and showing off and [there’s] not enough care about the well-being of individuals.”

NOERDEN employee

So, what was the first thing you bought with your own money?

Alex struggles to remember but then it all starts coming back to him…. “It was a plane ticket… the ticket was for Malta for a holiday” He then trails off into a story about growing up in Singapore. His school friends wanted to have a summer vacation in Malta. All his friend’s parents agreed to buy the kid’s plane tickets and give them copious spending money.

But when he asked his mom for a plane ticket she told him that he had to work for it even though his friends got it for free.

“She told me to get a job! So, I delivered newspapers. It was horrible waking up at 6am as a teenager to throw newspapers at people’s houses.” But in the end Alex is glad he had to work for his vacation and he appreciates the important lesson his mom taught him.

What Stat on the NOERDEN App do you check the most regularly?

He blurts “Kilometers! Every single day I check my kilometers. I set a goal of 5K per day… and I only don’t make it to 5K on weekends” he says laughing.

Our products are designed in the minimalist style. Are you a minimalist in your life? 

He grimaces “I don’t want to lie…but I have a bigger wardrobe than most women in this world.”

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

He stares pensively for a few seconds before answering with “Silence hast more eloquence than speech” he adds with a laugh “which was my uncle telling me sometimes learn to shut-up and listen.”

What’s your favorite part about working at a startup?

 “The fact that you don’t work in just one division – you work in sales, IT, design, marketing, e-commerce, you’re constantly diddling in different tasks.”

Tell me something about yourself that people in the office wouldn’t know.

“Well, I played at the youth football World Cup in Sweden, when I was 16 years old for Singapore. But we got destroyed! The scores were like 9 -0 and 8-0…we only scored 1 goal in total” he says with a chuckle “maybe that’s something I shouldn’t tell people.”

It’s been great having Alex on our team this summer! As our Digital Manager Intern he was tasked with creating our new international E-Commerce website.

He’s done a great job and his up-beat personality has been a fun addition to our office in Shanghai! Good luck on finishing your studies Alex!

If you’re interested in interning with NOERDEN, then feel free to send us a message! We may be able to offer tailor made internships such as Alex’s to fit your interests!