Welcome to the Team, Arnaud!

As we expand into more markets globally, more talented people are joining our startup journey! Let’s see how their passions and personality lead them to uniting with our international, health-centric, smart-tech startup!

Name: Arnaud

Age: 27

Position: France Communication Manager

Languages: Chinese, French, English fluently as well as learning Spanish and Japanese.

What social media platform could you not live without?

Instagram for sure! You can follow Arnaud here with his personal account: @hisnameiskim

What’s something you’re really passionate about and why?

MMA (mixed martial arts)! This sport teaches you so much about yourself, the respect you should have for the people surrounding you and self-control. And of course, how to kick ass too!

Have you ever worked at a startup before?

I have worked for few startups. And I also had the chance to experience the startup life by launching my own startup in 2016.

Our brand connects health, fitness and tech with a minimalist design. So which aspect would best describe your personality?

Let’s say I’m a geek who loves fitness.

In terms of communication, what do you think is your specialty and why?

I’m good with the Social Media aspect of communication. I’m always searching for new digital tools to play with and I love to create.

Also, people tend to say that I’m quite good at connecting with strangers … but I don’t know if that’s a skill or not though!

Welcome to the team Arnaud!

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